Big bonkers baker Hector McPhee is so crazy for pancakes, he plots to kidnap Santa and give everyone pancakes for Christmas!  What he doesn’t realise though is that his children Archie and Alicia have overheard his wicked plan . . . and they have different ideas! 

Ooooooo, sounds good, huh?

Christmas Pancakes is published through Texas-based Waldorf Publishing and is illustrated by the super-talented Ali Jones! Scroll down for a mini-gallery of his inside-the-book illustrations.

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Also available as an ebook and an audiobook.

“An absolute cracker!”

Stuart Reid, author of the Gorgeous George series.

Christmas Pancakes is delicious fun for young readers.”

Paul Cicchini, author of Young Cyrano and The Essentialz.

“A delightful story filled with conspiracy, intrigue, and a whole bunch of humour that is sure to bring laughter and fun. Enjoy!”

Wanda Kay Knight, literature teacher and author of The Peacock Door Tales.

“A delightfully quirky read.”

Alex Nye, author of Chill and Shiver.

“This book will put anyone into a jovial Christmas spirit!”

Patrick Greak, author of God and Football and Can Muscles Talk?

Ali’s groovy mini-gallery!


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