Dexter Trumpet, the storyteller

Hello, I’m Dexter Trumpet and I live in a castle made of trumpets! To deter anyone from disturbing me while I’m writing stories, the castle is surrounded by a moat of maple syrup and stern-looking guards. Anyone who manages to trudge through the moat gets a big ball of gloopy lemon curd thrown at them!

The only person allowed in the castle while I’m writing is Bobby, who isn’t actually a person; he’s a spider. I read Bobby stories and he lets me know how good they are. If he thinks they’re rubbish, he usually suggests I become something else, like a shoelace maker (he’s a very honest spider).

When I’m not writing, I enjoy juggling nectarines, hanging out with my friends, impersonating dogs and eating pancakes. I also read lots and lots of books. The castle is full of books of all shapes and sizes—because books are the only place you can truly let your imagination run wild.   

Ali Jones, the illustrator

My good friend Ali Jones lives in a submarine made out of lemon flavoured marzipan, which he built himself. It’s never been underwater though, because Ali is a clever scientist so he knows that marzipan + water = slushy gloop.

When anyone asks him why he made a submarine out of marzipan, he simply says, “It’s called art.” That’s right, Ali is both a scientist and an artist, which makes him exceptionally special.

Ali says if you want to draw something, just go for it! It doesn’t matter how good it is! Drawing is a great way of expressing yourself and having fun at the same time.

By the way, he doesn’t have a 4B pencil that size, unfortunately.


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